At Democracy Prep we believe that early exposure to the college process is one of the best ways to ensure scholar success in the college of their choice. Due to increasingly competitive college admission pools, we prepare our scholars for the college process as soon as they enter our doors as freshmen.

Throughout a student’s time at Democracy Prep, we work hard to build their academic and personal profiles. We do this by offering rigorous PSAT, SAT and ACT prep as well as assisting students with applications to prestigious external ACCESS programs and competitive internships. It is never too early to start preparing for college.

Below are some programs that scholars can look into:

*Click on the name of the program to be directed to the link*
Program List Subject Area Target Groups Requirements Application  Deadline
All Stars Project Art All None Open Now
All Star Code Coding 10th-12th None Early 2016
Code Interactive NYC Coding All None N/A
ENZA Academy Coding 9th-12th Most miss one day of school on Friday Dec 11th. N/A
Girls Who Code Coding     Mid Feb
Samsung Mobile App Academy Coding All   TBA
Carleton Liberal Arts Experience Liberal Arts Rising Juniors 6 essays 9th/10th Transcripts April
College Now College Credit 10th-12th   Application opens in Nov.
Museum Finance Academy SAT Prep Juniors & Seniors   Fall application now open
Princeton Summer Journalism Journalism   >$45K income & 3.5+ GPA Open Now
The Museum of City of New York General Academics Juniors & Seniors   Opens in Spring
NSLI For Youth International travel language learning Juniors    
Summer Youth Employment Program Job Readiness Ages 14-24   March-April
District Attorney Internship Law & Criminal Justice Juniors-Seniors Paid $150 per week Late March
LEDA Leadership/College Readiness Juniors   12/11/15
MITES Leadership/College Readiness Juniors   Application opens in Nov.
Princeton LEDA Leadership Juniors Low-income (bonus if first gen), top 10% of class, good test scores Open now
Louis August Jonas Foundation Leadership/Art Birth date between August 20, 1999 and June 30, 2001   Open now
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai CEYE summer program Med/Sci 10th & 11th   February – April
MS2 STEM 9th Grade   12/15/15
S.T.E.P at John Jay College STEM 10th – 12th   Open now
M3 Learning Curve Technology   Juniors-Seniors Free 3/20/16